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" is "Who am I buying this for, and what do they already know when it comes to the Bible, the Christian faith etc.?" You will also want to ask the question-- "What age range was this translation written for? You need to be aware of this before you walk into Billy Bob's Christian bookstore and plunk your money down on the counter.

So a better first question than "Which Bible should I buy?When we are dealing with the idiomatic translations, which for the most part are the most widely used and most popular, there are a variety of factors to keep in mind.Principle One: All other things being equal, a team translation will be much better than an individual translation. Because no one person is an expert in the meaning of every verse of the Bible.Let us suppose you are shopping for a children's Bible. If you are dealing with really young children you could go for the Living Bible which was originally done as a paraphrase for children by Ken Taylor, or the Today's English Version (originally Good News for Modern Man) which is written with no words over an eight grade vocabulary.It contains none of what my Granny used to call dollar words.

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