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TIP When playing large amounts of media from your library, you may want to have the player randomly choose the next song to play or shuffle your playback.To do this, click the Turn Shuffle On button shown in Figure 8.1.I used A program called tune Up to help update the info but I still had to manually enter a lot of info. Is there a way I can tell windows media player to change the metadata in the mp3 file itself?In the screenshot I am viewing the properties of the same file in windows media player and windows explorer after updating the info Normally, when you change the info of a song in the library, WMP doesn't immediately write the change to the corresponding music file, but waits a while and then does this quietly in the background.Here you’ll see the existing information that Windows Media Player interpreted as correct on the left side.The results of WMP’s search for the media information are on the right.How I can I force windows media player to update the album art info?I think the album art thumbnails are cached by wmp. These files contain the album art that was automatically downloaded by WMP, so it might be a good idea to back them up first.

To get a DVD decoder, search the Web for Win DVD or Power DVD.I have just spent hours ensuring the songs have the correct info only to realize that the changes aren't being made to the songs themselves.The info displays correctly in windows media player.Windows Media Player has grown into a pretty amazing application with multiple personalities.Its talents include playing music and video files from online sources or local drives (including DVDs), playing online radio and TV stations, displaying specialized web pages, organizing your music files (MP3s and WMAs), burning music CDs, copying and syncing to portable MP3 players, and providing a conduit to online media shopping sites.

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Visit Stack Exchange I keep my audio files tagged in windows media library. Album Arts(thumbnails) are not updated in the media library.

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