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There's an Italian four or five generations back who married an Irish woman and they had all sons.

So they married more Irish women, there were more sons, and more Irish women.

I tell this story sometimes for laughs, fully aware that Moby didn’t save my life, but knowing that if you squint hard enough, this framing of the story is technically the truth.

Regarding her ancestry, Ricci has stated, "The Italian blood has been bred out of me.

Later they meet up at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards and hold hands at a hotel afterparty, where fellow much-older man Steven Tyler comments on Portman’s “hotness.” And finally, Moby recalls hanging with Portman at Harvard, “kissing under the centuries-old oak trees” and falling asleep next to each other in her dorm room.

It might seem innocuous, if not for the fact that the events take place in the year 1999, the same year Portman turned 18.

But Moby wasn’t even satisfied with that, aware that the snake had recently become a mother and was fierce in protecting her babies.

Moby accompanied me to the stairs, leading the way to keep me safe, and quickly stopping me when he spotted the mama looking agitated.

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