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When we ran simulations for a single site, scores from the new version of the tool fluctuated within short time intervals unlike the older version which rendered constant scores.

When Google announced the Page Speed Insights update, they made certain things obvious. First, the Obvious ones: The updated PSI tool included an ‘Opportunities’ section, which started showing something like the one below: Another one: The top 2 suggestions for the example above, and almost all sites that we came across, invariably suggested ‘’. Almost all clients using AMP pages as the only mobile version have a good score with the new Page Speed Insights tool.We believe that the above deviation in the PSI performance scores can be attributed to the following: It is a no-brainer that Javascripts affect website speeds, however the jump in Page Speed score on the removal of scripts is astounding.On removing internal Javascripts, the Performance Score improved from an average of 49 to 87 with significant improvements in Speed Index and Time to Interactive.It did not measure performance accurately and marketers started turning to other reliable tools like Webpagetest, Gtmetrix, and Pingdom.With the current November 2018 update, Page Speed Insights version 5 has made a colossal shift – it has inducted Lighthouse as its analysis engine. Coincidentally or not, on the same day, Google came out with an experimental web app – Squoosh -to help web developers optimize webpages through image compression. AMP pages are hosted on Google’s content delivery network (CDN).

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