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My husband and I had to decide whether to keep her at home, or enroll her into preschool because we thought that the July 31st cut off date applied to all schools in Hawaii.

Ho'ala also encourages parents and teachers to complete a 5-week Parenting Workshop to ensure that what is taught in the classroom is duplicated at home.At first, my husband and I were skeptical with the thought of attending a parenting class.However, we have learned how to effectively communicate with our daughter while at the same time, making her feel significant and taken seriously. Ho'ala has been such a blessing to our family. Our daughter has grown so much as an individual and we are confident that she will continue to thrive no matter where she goes.Our daughter was such a timid little girl who lacked self-confidence at the beginning of the school year. Carolyn Brown and the supportive staff at Ho`ala, she has become a lot more trusting, outspoken, and confident. I cannot express enough how unique and special Ho'ala School is.My daughter has just completed Kindergarten and the learning experience she had was invaluable.

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Fifth, they celebrated our national holidays and cultural events with skits, dress-ups, singing, etc. Carolyn Brown, provided a loving, healthy, and positive learning environment.

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  1. Accordingly, there was little need for a temporary trial period such as dating before a permanent community-recognized union was formed between a man and a woman.