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“I was not doing this as market research,” he insists.“I did it because, dammit, I was 36, I had a great job [in sales and marketing at Boulevard Media] and a fulfilling life, but at the end of the day, it seemed to me that spending two hours online at the end of my week or going to the Yaletown Brewery pub didn’t seem to me to be a smart way to meet the girl of my dreams.” The crowded, noisy atmosphere of a pub just wasn’t conducive to meaningful conversations, while the world of online dating was rife with disappointments.“For a lot of parts of our lives, we’re taking actions to try to improve [our] efficiency,” he points out.“What are [personal trainers] other than people who come into your personal time and try to make you more efficient and get to the gym and get results?I offer Career Coaching, Professional Resume Writing, Career Assessments, Interview Preparation, Career Transition and Career Counselling services for both individuals and businesses. Joining internet dating services are probably better and less expensive then joining a personal matchmaking service.This information will be circulated among a select group of people who will scrutinize his appearance, education, mental stability and career. So it makes sense that some folk, when confronted with the bleak reality of their non-existent dating lives, decide it might be time to hire help.

Not only are there more singles, there are also fewer opportunities for them to meet one another.In a discreet, unmarked office in downtown Vancouver, a man is photographed, his driver’s licence photocopied and personal references taken. That report found that while one in 10 respondents in 1991 worked 50 or more hours per week, one in four does so now.He is asked to complete numerous forms, including a Myers-Briggs personality test, and his vital statistics are entered into a computer database. What you end up with is a large singles population working long hours in solitary conditions with less time to socialize than ever.It seemed to me [that there was] one glaring omission from this, and it was our dating life.” Rice speaks from experience.He returned to his native Vancouver in 2002 after 14 years studying and working abroad in Europe and Asia.

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