Updating open office in fc5

I had asked my husband if he thought the game was ok and he said as long as the kids don’t say or do anyth8ng they hear in the game it would be ok.

This game does include a large use of bad language, however simply informing your child that the language is unacceptable and discouraging the use of bad language should be enough to prevent it from influencing them too much.

The game is full of things like this, and that goes beyond being suitable for anyone under 15/16 in my opinion.

There's plenty for younger teens to play, Get them on fortnight or something suitable.

Overall I think it should be fine if you allow for open communication It was very clear to me when opening this page that none of the parents reviewing it have actually played the game.

There is most definitely sex in the game (non nude) Rape as well.

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The best method to combat the use of bad language is to enhance the vocabulary of your child so they may use alternate words. If your child is predisposed to being easily influenced by video games, such as pretending to shoot others (which could still be classed as harmless play, but still discouraged), copying the language used in consumed media, or is likely to be highly influenced by what they see then this game may not be for them.

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