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Even though OS X Server costs less than previous versions, it still has powerful features -- such as Wiki Server -- that will enable your employees to effectively share resources on the network.

You must upgrade the operating system on your Mac Mini to OS X Mountain Lion before you can install OS X Server.

The side popped off easily, making upgrades simple.

Imagine a Mac mini that you could upgrade, or at least add RAM to (as in previous models) or switch drives. A lot of people are skeptical about the idea of Apple ever releasing a Mac that is upgradable like that again, instead depending on external devices for upgrades, using Thunderbolt and USB-C connections, and collecting the Apple tax for extra RAM on build-to-order models.

Click "Store" and choose "Sign In." Enter your Apple account information to log in. Mountain Lion appears after the the installation is complete and your Mac has rebooted. For example, select which network you want OS X Server to belong to, choose a name for the server -- so network users can connect to it -- and specify whether you want the server to manage any Apple Airport routers on the network.

Type "OS X Mountain Lion" into the search box to navigate to the Mountain Lion Download page. The time it takes for the installation to complete depends on the number of services that you want the software to configure.

Open the Apple menu and choose "About This Mac" to open the About This Mac window.

It wouldn't just be for homes; it could work in schools and small businesses, providing storage, backup, and content filtering services that these organizations need.

It's small, yet it's sufficiently powerful for these tasks.

I used one for a couple of years as my main desktop Mac.

He is co-host of the Intego Mac Podcast and Photo Active, and a regular contributor to The Mac Security Blog, Tid BITS, and several other websites and publications.

Kirk has written more than twenty books, including Take Control books about i Tunes, Launch Bar, and Scrivener.

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