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In this article we show how to download, install and run the latest version of i OS, as well as how to fix any problems that arise during the installation process.(If these prove especially tricky, read What to do if you can't update i OS.) Note that i OS 12's days are numbered, in a sense; its successor, i OS 13, has already been announced, and will be released in September 2019.ARE you looking for an easy guide on how to update your i Phone to the latest version of i OS?The new i OS 12 software has been available since September 17, so make sure you follow our guide to update your phone.i OS 12: Everything you need to know Apple has released i OS 12.4 for the i Phone and i Pad, which introduces a number of fixes for News and a new wireless data migration tool.At the same time, Apple has also released i OS 10.3.4 and i OS 9.3.6 for older i Phones and i Pads that cannot download the current software updates.

Apple has released i OS 12.2, which introduces the new Apple News subscription service, brings the News app to Canada, introduces new emoji, Air Play support for third-party TVs, and support for the second-generation Air Pods that Apple announced last week.

Apple has released i OS 12.1.4, which fixes a major vulnerability in Face Time that allowed users to eavesdrop on other i Phone owners using Group Face Time.

Apple previous took Group Face Time offline while working on a fix.

You can set your i Phone to update at a specific time.

When it asks if you'd like to update now or later, simply select "Later." The i Phone will update at 2 or 3 in the morning (presumably while you are asleep).

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These patches for older devices fix a GPS bug, as well as implementing a number of security fixes.

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