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In fact, it’s much more likely that an affected receiver won’t start outputting erroneous data until long after the 6 April 2019.” So: the best thing to do is check your device is up to date and, if in doubt, read these guidelines from the DHS about what to do next.

In some places, you may find locked files, but there are tools to unlock those.

Some other recommended Garmin Sat Navs are the ones below.

Bear in mind that nowadays most of them come with Life Time maps from the country you buy it from, so better to buy it with the maps you are most likely to need.

All this is why some have compared the issue to a sort of mini Millennium, or, Y2K Bug for GPS receivers that will come into affect from April 6th this year. That was also caused by a number rollover problem, as a lot of early software recorded the year using a two-digit code (“78” for “1978” and so on) that reset when clocks hit the year 2000.

However, it’s worth noting that just because the next GPS week reset is for April 6th, actual errors might kick in later.

As telecoms testing company Spirent noted in a blog post, some devices may have restarted their week count later — for example, when the manufacturer compiled their firmware.

Only older devices are at risk, though, and if you’re just using a commercial device the fix is quite simple: just check that its software is up to date.They are free, created and updated by users and volunteers across the World. Copy the unzipped file (gmapsupp.img) to your SD card [Only for advanced users]: browse OSM website or other providers to find more specific maps. Once connected to your computer, it will appear as an additional drive, as shown in the image below.The easiest thing to do is to find the map of your interest ready to use in : If you cannot find your map in the link above, follow the following steps: 1. In “Choose a predefined country” select Thailand 3. Select only the file “osm_generic_gmapsupp.zip” to download. is the base map containing only large roads and larger cities, not really suitable for routing.But because we like stuff, these are the steps: The first step is to connect the device to your computer. If you are an Andriod user you probably have one already, otherwise, you can get one in Amazon for around USD 3 (option 1, option 2, option 3).Open Street Map (OSM) is the most used and globally recognised source for maps. Here you have two options, you can copy the file to your Sat Nav memory, or you can use an external SD card: You can now just copy and paste your file to your device.

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It is a very good offer and downloading free Garmin map updates has never been easier.

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