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We are using Oracle Native (JDBC) connections and insert quite a bit into CLOB fields without any issues. I see ojdbc14as well as orai18in my Kettle install path .../data-integration/libext/JDBC along with many other jars.

I also have oracle XE in stalled on my machine whch has it's own copy of ojdbc14

I am stuck on this transform since the table has a clob and I can't figure out how to make kettle work with them.

I have set my Field in the Excel Input step to Type: String, Length:9999999, Precision:-1 Not sure what else to try?

I've tried a few things including using a bind variable for my very large value.

The last suggested fix I haven't tried is breaking down the large value into a varchar2s and passing it into DBMS_SQL. The basic problem is the following: This code returns the error "ORA-01704: string literal too long".

By the way i love the desperado movie with Banderas :-) Take care Samatar Yea, good movie.

I saw some old references to needing better jdbc driver but I don't really know where I can find any other drivers.

I've declared my string variable being executed as a VARCHAR2(32767).

I've done quite a bit of searching on the web and there sure are a lot of people suggesting fixes to this that don't work.

Your dynamic SQL is trying to concatenate the CLOB as part of the SQL statement, turning it into a string literal.

If dynamic SQL were required, you'd need to use bind variables.

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Hi desperado, you need to indicate to kettle that you want to use a clob instead of a normal string.

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