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The Research Applications and Deep Learning (RADL) team manages the site licenses for the scientific, statistical, and mathematical applications available on IU's research computing systems.If you need help or have questions about using any of the programming tools, or scientific, statistical, or mathematical applications on IU's research computing systems, contact the UITS Research Applications and Deep Learning team.Toms Example$Jdbc Dataset Example(Toms Example.scala:27) at ukbi.Toms Example$.main(Toms Example.scala:16) val DFDim Account Operator = format("jdbc").option("driver", " Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) team operates and supports advanced media and interactive visualization systems and facilities that help IU researchers extract knowledge from their data, and enable IU students, educators, and artists express their creative visions.If you have questions about using an AVL system or facility, contact the AVL.JDBCRDD$.resolve Table(JDBCRDD.scala:61) at org.apache.execution. JDBCRelation$Schema(JDBCRelation.scala:210) at org.apache.execution. Jdbc Relation Provider.create Relation(Jdbc Relation Provider.scala:35) at org.apache.execution.datasources.

Consulting services are offered to IU researchers as baseline services through university funding without any direct charge.

However, consulting services for an extended period of time (over 20 hours) require a signed agreement between the researcher and UITS.

For more, see Guidelines for and terms of Research Technologies extended consulting services in Research Technologies (including Advanced Biomedical Information Technology Core) policy on prioritization of activities and use of resources.

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