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Johnson did not return multiple calls for this story.Max, a graduate of Duke's law school, calls the case "farcical, a joke." Currently working on developing a defense strategy, Max declined to comment extensively on the case, only saying, "This is an issue of free speech, not as [Johnson] and her lawyer characterize it." According to Santucci's press release, Max is being sued under a Florida statute that prohibits the use of a person's name, image, photograph or other likeness for advertising or other commercial purpose without consent."The truth of the matter is far less important than the perception," Max said."The truth is utterly irrelevant." Max, who wrote a column for the Maroon while at the University, said that everything on his Web site is true, except for some peripheral details that have been modified to "stay out of trouble." But Max may soon be in deep trouble.

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Underpinning the issue of free speech is the legal struggle to determine exactly what constitutes free speech, and what may be said publicly--even if true.

According to Geoffrey Stone, a professor in the law school and an expert on freedom of speech, Max could be found guilty even if all of his account is accurate.

The Web site began as an online application to date him, but has developed into a comprehensive bank of stories, logs and commentary, in varying degrees of offensiveness.

"As bad as it is socially, U of C taught me how to think, how to become a good enough writer to pull this off," Max said, adding that his favorite book is The History of the Peloponnesian War, which he read in his Civilization sequence here.

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