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There’s also nothing morally wrong with “ignoring” a god – just remember the ignored god is unlikely to help you should you ask.

The gods make sure the world runs smoothly (or at least keeps running), and they each have their own jobs that they do, things that they like, and personal histories full of lessons we can learn in the telling.

It is my opinion there was a disconnect between the missionaries’ perception that a “god who did bad things” must be perceived by worshippers as a “bad god,” and the way the pagans actually perceived their trickster gods’ moral ambiguity.

In the missionaries’ more dualistic perspective, entities were Hell-bound or Heaven-bound, evil or good. Tricksters are selfish, unreliable, drifters who seduce women and drink too much.

And I’m working on two stories, one involving a trickster hero (Asmodeus, a Jewish demon) and one a trickster heroine (a Latin American Left-Hand witch, called a ).

My heathen listserve has been (once again) abuzz with argument over the worship of ettins or jötnar (what some folk consider the “villains” of Norse lore and some folk consider “forces of nature and chaos”).So just after April Fool’s I raise a toast to the Tricksters.Life’s harsh teachers who encourage us to laugh at our mistakes and move forward. Who hold our hands and help us (drag us) through times of change. So readers, what are your thoughts on Trickster gods? Scott and I rented Doctor Who for the first time (the new series).They also solve problems when the rest of the community is too “in the box” to create a solution. They make necessary change happen in a world utterly resistant to change.The Trickster is a god of learning – learning the hard way maybe, but most of life’s most valued lessons have to be acquired through experience, not textbooks.

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