Tips on dating a person with a disability

I also work to make sure being stuck in bed doesn’t happen all the time, through therapy, medication, coping skills, and self-care, among other tools.But when it does happen, I accept it and, instead of beating myself up for disappointing someone else, I focus on taking care of myself and feeling better.Over the past three years, I’ve learned a lot about the ways in which my brain and body work.

Being open and honest about my needs and limitations, even when I’m scared I’m asking too much or being a downer or burden, is vital to making sure we can navigate our ups and downs together.

Now that I am finally facing my disabilities and accepting the limitations they impose, I’m learning to accept that this model is not sustainable or healthy.

Sometimes, this means canceling my plans and staying in bed when I just don’t have the energy or wherewithal for anything else.

One of my partners told me they don’t mind when I retreat to my room and take some time alone.

They would just prefer if I could tell them I’m about to do so, as they find it difficult when I just disappear.

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