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When I told my mother, she presciently wondered aloud if this was the only way she was going to have grandchildren.Today, sperm buyers view detailed profiles for potential vendors, whereas I wasn’t asked to provide much beyond college major, hobbies and family health history.I procrastinated for months before curiosity and an urge to know them made me order a kit.I got my results back, and boom: I had a son, Bryce.I felt a sudden need to share their photos with all the ex-girlfriends who chose not to marry and procreate with me.A few months later a new DNA relative appeared on 23and Me: Alice, age 11. She and her former partner had each given birth to one daughter conceived with my sperm.Occasionally the subject of whether I had children would come up, and I’d make a joke about probably having a bunch.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

I did join 23and Me hoping that you would have already done so and was upset to see you hadn’t. I’m one of six of your children that I’m aware of and in contact with.

I’m 20 years old and live on Long Island but I’m studying in upstate New York.”“Dad?

I had told my news to a few people, but most learned of it from the “Meet My Kids Party” Facebook invitation, featuring photos of Bryce, Madi and Alice. Be it genetics, good luck or force of circumstance, I loved my children right away. Bryce is shy but sharp and obsessed with memes in a way I might have been had I grown up Gen Z. Madi, especially, has my sense of humor and eyes: Locking gazes with her makes my brain explode, but then we laugh.

At the party, we played a nature-versus-nurture question-and-answer game and discovered we were all quite liberal and that none of us believed in God.

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Hers was a hodgepodge of lists and memories written under duress (“Mom: Write or death! “Basically,” she wrote, “I’m an angsty teen in a child’s body.”This kid’s 11?

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