Team foundation server reports not updating

If you perform a typical SQL Server backup, the resulting files will be missing the transaction marks on the various tables. Companies often fail to realize that the backups are not working because they do not test the recovery process.Consequently, TFS is unable to verify that the records are logically consistent when the backups are restored. The team only notices the problem when they are forced to recover from an actual failure.Typically, a single collection can include the following: You will want enough space to hold a copy of each database.Additionally, the process will keep transactional snapshots.If you are doing the backups manually, follow those steps to ensure the databases can be recovered.If you’re running TFS 2012 or better, there is a built-in wizard which automates the backup process and creates a recoverable archive of your entire system.

If you’re one of them many companies still running TFS 2010, then you will need to install the Team Foundation Server Power Tools on your TFS application server to take advantage of this functionality.One of the things I’ve come to appreciate most about the cloud software-as-a-service solutions is that it can reduce work.Although there’s still a need for IT, some tasks – such as performing backups – are provided by the vendor.If this is an option, make sure you understand the security that’s in place to protect your data.This will make it easier to discuss the transition to the cloud.

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The amount of code churn each week will determine how much space that will require.

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