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The tools and information on this webpage permit you to estimate the impact of taking an early withdrawal from your retirement account, including potential lost asset growth, tax consequences and penalties based on information you specify.This calculator does not take into account any impacts resulting from the possibility of your plan provider suspending contributions for a period of time after a withdrawal is taken; nor does it consider whether you might have alternative sources of money available other than withdrawing money from your retirement plan.For variable annuities held inside an IRA (“qualified” annuities), it’s normally possible to terminate the annuity and rollover the proceeds into a traditional IRA, which allows you to invest in all sorts of lower-cost investments, like index funds, ETFs, or regular old stocks and bonds.However, you should confirm if there’s a surrender charge for terminating your annuity contract, and weigh the pros and cons of any guarantees your current contract offers before making any changes.

The hefty fees, misleading guarantees, and tax treatment can put investors in an uncomfortable spot.For example, an 85-year-old client in poor health with a variable annuity with a death benefit of 0,000 but a contract value of 0,000 may be better off keeping their annuity than terminating it, even if there aren’t tax consequences or surrender charges.Unfortunately, annuity contracts tend to be complex, so it’s a good idea to have a professional – – review your contract before making any changes.You should consult with your employer to determine if contributions could be suspended as a result of taking an early withdrawal.The Early Withdrawal Calculator results represent analysis and estimates based on the information you have provided, but they do not reflect all relevant elements of your personal situation.

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