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There are many beautiful resorts peppered around the world that reserve vast sections of the hotel for guests with no kids.

Some do not even allow children under the age of 12 on the premises. You do not want your sexy beach time ruined by a bunch of wailing kids. For that added touch of romance, call the resort up once you have made a booking and inform them that you are on your second honeymoon.

Here are the things you should keep in mind when making your pick. Do not leave your bustling hometown of Chicago to spend your sex vacation in New York.

Beach and mountain vacations are perfect for a couple’s retreat as it will offer both of you the chance to focus on each other and not be distracted by all the exhausting shopping and mandatory sightseeing that comes with a big-city vacation. Stay away from the myriad of Club Med and chain hotel options and opt for sexy boutique hotels instead.

Live chat is also great way of finding out more about how counselling works and if it’s right for you. This covers the cost of providing the service - Relate does not make a profit.

Until the new service launches, we hope one of our other services (Message a Counsellor, webcam, telephone or face-to-face counselling) may be appropriate for you.

If you want to speak to someone urgently, please contact the following crisis organisations: We are currently running a pilot of our online chat and the service will be available every Monday and Thursday 12 – 4.30pm, and Wednesday and Friday from 12pm – 2.30pm.

Our online chat will be unavailable on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th September but our Freephone National Helpline is open from 9am – 5pm, Tuesday – Friday, or you can email us on [email protected]’s Wish aims to keep the services it offers to you confidential.

It’s next to impossible to have enough time and energy in one day to ace both.

Most top notch places will romanticize the trip to include rose petals in the tub, a bottle of welcome champagne and other lovely details that will be sure to give your sex vacation a nudge in the right direction. The last thing you want is to have to deal with a couple of hungry and cranky 4-year-olds whilst nursing a raging hangover from the three bottles of pink champagne you polished off in the tub together last night.

Once you have all that in the bag, kick back and enjoy your sex-fueled trip.

Whether you want to take the findings seriously or not, there is really no harm in taking a sexy trip with your sweetheart to reignite the flames of passion.

Travel Association recently released a statement saying that couples who take regular trips together report increased satisfaction and romance.

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