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Nous avons mis en ligne différents contes audio gratuits. I ended up wasting years of my life on things that just didnt work for. So, if youre like me, youre probably wondering, Who is Joshua Pellicer and why can he help me be a badass with women?

They arent suckers and they can smell bull sh*t from a mile away.

Sophie Maréchal Comédienne et Julie Basecqz Vice Présidente de l'Union des artistes se feront un plaisir de vous accueillir.

The vibrations on the boat were at their best and we will remember last evening party for a long time...

Let's not forget Diego Dt for his tremendous work in making our videos. Throwback about yesterday's relax networking day for Union des Artistes, thank you to agents, casting directors and actors who participate. – with (left to right) Laurent Couraud, Youna de Peretti, Agathe Hassenforder, Julien De Broeyer, Catherine Israel, Sophie Maréchal, Olivier Bonjour Acteur, Franck AF Thépenier, Hugo Assayag, Maïlyse Hermans, Julie Basecqz, Antoine Martin Sauveur et Meriem Amari.

On Wednesday May 22nd, actors, agents and casting directors invited by Artistes du Spectacle as all the other guests of Artonboat enjoyed an incredible moment of music and good vibes on board... The talented Belgian designer Sarah Pacini with her inimitable chic and relaxed style, has invited Julie Basecqz, John Rolin and Sophie Maréchal to a very pleasant fitting in order to provide them with the best suit and dresses for the boat and for the Cannes Festival red carpet.

I wanted a real solution that would fix me to the core. I got pretty popular for a while there: The Today rencontre en ligne okotoks Show, The NY Press, The NY Times, The NY Daily News, etc, etc I was even made fun of on Saturday Night Live!The French musicians group Komä will perform on the artonboat in the second part of the evening...Passionate since their teenage years about Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Radiohead or Massive Attack, they will come and play their songs inspired by their rock influences.Juste have a look to our agenda during 72e Cannes Festival :-) Artonboat Did you miss up yesterday Live Concert The Y-House x Artonboat? Here is a great album to summarize the crazy ambiance that night!And if you were with us on board during the event, don't hesitate to share photos of you and your friends 😉 Did you miss up yesterday Live Concert The Y-House x Artonboat? Here is a great album to summarize the crazy ambiance that night!

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