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I enjoy most normal things in life like outdoor activities, swimming, diving, and keeping healthy. I like good food and good company and someone who knows how to have a good tim..

I consider myself as honest Kuwaiti man, loyal, funny, intelligent, caring, gentle, understanding, sincere, faithful, family oriented and I like to travel, cooking, gardening, painting, jogging , watching movies and Im..

***SPECIAL NOTE***: To attend this event, you must register and prepay as space is limited. CLICK HERE TO Reserve your space at https:// is capped at about 25 people, so this is NOT an event to wait till the end to register for. You do NOT have to come with your own team as part of the fun is meeting new people and making new friends. ***How it works***: The full rules will be explained at the event, however, here are a few details.

This is not trivia since the emphasis is trying to guess the top survey answers rather than knowledge about a specific topic. You will play on several teams throughout the night allowing you to expand your social circle.

Not everyone from Connecticut grew up in a small town or raised farm animals. There is a large fraction of locals who wouldn't mind a snowless season and warmer days.

Why have one date on the Weekend when you can have 8-12 in one night!

Well, I am a 33 year old Moroccan man of Amazigh descent.

My origins are to be found in the southeast of Morocco .

Be warned, some residents will bring you welcome pies and sympathy roasts. Some are in to the pastel shorts and popped collars, but a lot of Nutmeggers are still rocking jeans and sweatpants. For those who have never visited the Constitution state there's an assumption that we'd have an accent because we're stuck between some states with some pretty heavy accents themselves. In my experience, deer are seen so frequently in Connecticut that most people are indifferent.

Whether it's watching them eat your plants or swerving around them on the road, deer are just a way of life.

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