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It kills the sexual vibe that you’re trying to create in your bedroom. Spend a couple extra dollars and do yourself a favor by getting a supportive and comfortable bed. [Read: 14 sexy secrets to be incredibly good in bed every time] #11 Keep your toys close by.I mean, you’ll be the one sleeping in it the most, so it’s really in your best interest. If you have a collection of sex toys, keep them close to your bed.Who would have thought that fluorescent lighting does more bad than good?Shockingly, everyone who has ever been under fluorescent lighting.Lighting is everything, it’s what makes or breaks a bedroom. The real score on perfect bedroom lighting] #5 Put up sensual artwork.

Also, if you know you won’t be able to take care of them, then opt out of this.But, you want to make sure that your personality still shows in your bedroom.Pick things that you like and that you think are sexy, because then it will truly show.How to get a sexy bedroom The magic does happen in the bedroom.I mean, it can happen on top of your laundry machine as well, but the bedroom is basically your sex base. White will have you anxious the whole time, making sure you won’t stain the sheets. [Read: Top 50 ideas for a sexy relationship] #2 Get into texture. The bedroom is a place for two things: having sex and sleeping.

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