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ESSEX COUNTY — A Canadian man impersonating teen heartthrob Justin Bieber forced a 12-year-old girl to perform sexual acts on a video chat website by threatening to harm her family, Essex County authorities said last night.

Lee Moir, 34, of Toronto, is charged in Canada with extortion, manufacturing child pornography and luring, according to a statement by acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn A.

Today, the concept of “purity” serves a similar purpose, establishing the star who promotes it as one with strong morals and values.

The media has mostly played along: When Christian NFL quarterback turned minor league baseball player Tim Tebow announced his engagement, much of the coverage mentioned that he would finally get to have sex.

It became a tabloid fixture in the early aughts, when then-teen-pop-stars Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears spoke publicly about why they were “saving themselves for marriage.” At that time, the press was seemingly obsessed with the virginity status of young female pop stars—Spears was asked about her virginity ad nauseam.

In more recent eras, studios and publicists have dedicated an immense amount of energy to covering up scandalous affairs or preserving images of innocence or purity when it served a star’s image.What we’re seeing now is not quite the same as the purity obsession of the 2000s.The celebrities most vocally advocating against premarital sex are no longer teenage stars who might not, in the words of Nick Jonas, have “a full understanding of what we were stepping into.” These are adults, many of whom have had sex with previous partners, discussing a newfound or renewed faith that has made them realize that sex is a sacred act.In the case of Bieber and Baldwin, they are doing so with the association of the aforementioned churches.The evangelical influence of the early 2000s corresponded with George W.

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The two were using a video chat site called oo Voo, according to authorities’ statement.

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