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Again, private companies can do what they want, but if there are ever competing social spaces, I'll go to the one that addresses it in some way.

I don't think you're adequately considering the other person's perspective.

VR is an experience that can feel "real" (I'm aware altspace has a non-realistic set-up) and uncanny.

People aren't used to their entire field of vision, etc being filled.

I think most cyber bullying can be avoided because the bully can easily be blocked or muted.

This is true for altspacevr as well, so is it really a problem?

Btw, I'm a guy and deal with this in RL with some very dear friends. It's tough enough to moderate harrassment in real life I agree.

While most people don't like to troll, the trolls pop up in big group environments and it's hard to stop damage that has already been done (i.e.

Often people do that to be friendly, even to strangers (me and my friends back in 8th or 9th grade often did that).

Silence is tantamount to being one of the perpetrators. Another guy kept on stalking a female, following her everywhere, even when asked to stop. A "suggested norms" tutorial for the chatroom (basic stuff like respect) could help too.

It will sadden me when women have to make their own rooms that are safe. I really hope we can finally began to truly empathize and just be decent humans. Of course they only do it because there is no consequence, unlike real life. And a specialized space for people who want to "explore" transgressing norms can be a good outlet.

VR produces new freedom, but I think the whole Locke notion of "my freedom ends where your space begins" applies in public chatrooms.

There are other applications and there will be niche chatrooms for people who want to touch without permission.

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