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If you’re part of my generation, you might have had to convince your parents or grandparents at some point that using their credit card online is safe. Why don’t verification systems prevent these problems? Let’s take a look at credit card fraud and find out how you can protect yourself.

Make cash withdrawals from within your bank, pay at the counter when you buy gas, and don’t let your card out of your sight.Most credit card companies, banks, and stores won’t ask for your credit card information via email, so an email asking for this information should be a clear sign that you’re being scammed.If you need to share your information over the phone, be sure that no one is around to overhear you.This makes it easy for thieves to buy hundreds of cards at a time, potentially including yours.It’s not always a merchant or a bank that’s compromised, though; sometimes it’s your own computer.

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You can get a credit report free every year from, but you should make sure to check your online accounts much more frequently than that to see if anything suspicious is going on. What tipped you off to the fact that your card had been compromised? Share your stories below so we can all learn from them!

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