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And the realm of romantic relationships is not an exception.

Since Russia is a quite conservative country, its dating culture has kept many old-fashioned rules.

Many Russian women are the bearers of this unique combo – beautiful face and beautiful soul.

Foreigners like to compare women in their country with women from Eastern Europe.

She wants him to be the leader in their relationship who makes important decisions and solves problems, and at the same time, she wants equality. Traditionally, they are family oriented, and they have their own families on the list of major priorities. Later, they think it’s unnecessary and stop taking their women on romantic dates and giving flowers.

She’ll be on his side in any situation, because she is not only his lover but also his friend. Any relationship that involves two people is based on respect, be it a friendship or a romantic relationship.

Respect is the manifestation of love and appreciation.

You can’t know that the girl you send a request to is single and in search of a potential partner.

That is why you need something more dating oriented like online dating sites.

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Men and women try to stick to them since this is what their parents and grandparents did, and this what they should do as a tradition.

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