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What else would one expect from the Most Dangerous Man in the World, as he likes to call himself, the omnimedia rapscallion celebrated by Vanity Fair as the gender war's "General Schwarzkopf for the boys' side"? He also asks if the reporter would care to switch seats, from the red leather banquette to the straight chair opposite, observing: "I note that by virtue of where you're sitting, there appears to be a power imbalance. He suspects that he is being set up by the Liberal Media Conspiracy."You saw ' Absence of Malice?But he hurries to explain."That disparaging comment he made: he was ragging me, not you," Mr. "He knows you're a reporter, 'cause I told him. In other circumstances you'd love him." Later, unprompted, he adds: "I should have apologized earlier for that remark."Rush Limbaugh, a sensitive guy? You're sitting lower than I am."Rush Limbaugh, master of gender etiquette? The Harmless Little Fuzzball, as he refers to himself, does not go overboard on this sensitivity stuff. ' " he asks slyly, referring to the movie starring Paul Newman and Sally Field, in which Ms.

It's where Kim Novak jumps into the bay in ' Vertigo.' "(Much more often, though, he finds himself traveling on weekends to appear as the prize at a "Dinner with Rush" evening put on by an affiliate radio station or to be a guest speaker for a conservative gathering.)A former disk jockey, Mr. I've even been at parties where Gloria Steinem's at.") And he admits that he can picture himself in a bipartisan romance, like the one Mary Matalin and James Carville have."I have this theory about love," he says.

Limbaugh says he likes rock, but he also likes Chopin's Polonaise No. But it is too much to hope that he hates Tom Clancy and secretly reads Jane Austen. "I think it's one of the few, if not the only, emotion over which humans have no control."While Mr.

"One of my biggest thrills in life was when I learned that Tom Clancy listens to me," he says. Limbaugh does not want to discuss what happened to his two marriages, he does broach the subject of children."A lot of people say, ' Why don't you have children? from behind." But he is clearly defensive on the subject and accuses feminists of "political cleansing.""It's just like this ethnic cleansing in Bosnia," he says. I try to figure them out, even though it's not possible.

Limbaugh is now acting severely humor-impaired, to borrow one of his favorite phrases.

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III is an American entertainer, radio talk show host, writer, and conservative political commentator.

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The talk-show host bristles."You wouldn't ask Jesse Jackson if he had any white friends," he complains.

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