Radioactive dating mass spectrometer

Beams with lighter ions bend at a smaller radius than beams with heavier ions.The current of each ion beam is then measured using a 'Faraday cup' or multiplier detector.

The hot filament reaches a temperature of less than 2500 degrees Celsius, leading to the inability to create atomic ions of species with a high ionization potential, such as Osmium (Os), and Tungsten (Hf-W).This technique has two different applications in the earth and environmental sciences.The analysis of 'stable isotopes' is normally concerned with measuring isotopic variations arising from mass-dependent isotopic fractionation in natural systems.In dual inlet IRMS, purified gas obtained from a sample is alternated rapidly with a standard gas (of known isotopic composition) by means of a system of valves, so that a number of comparison measurements are made of both gases.In continuous flow IRMS, sample preparation occurs immediately before introduction to the IRMS, and the purified gas produced from the sample is measured just once.

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