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The duo has kept their romance low-key since then, but they've been spotted together around the world (from Spain, to Boston, to Mexico) and even survived breakup rumors.

Eighteen months after Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt imposed a land and sea blockade aimed at bringing Qatar to heel, this tiny, gas-rich strip of sand jutting into the Persian Gulf is still refusing to capitulate.

But that demand has been a nonstarter, too.“Al Jazeera continues its business as normal,” Abdulla al-Najjar, an executive at the channel, said in an interview.

The channel had been outlawed and blocked on digital platforms in the blockading countries, he said.

Even if the crisis ended, the distrust would remain, they said.“Even if it is solved, Qatari citizens won’t forget the betrayal that happened and the fierce media attacks,” said Abdulkarim al-Qahtani, also a law student.

Believe it or not, it's been nearly two years since Rihanna and her bae, Hassan Jameel, left the Internet shook with their poolside PDA.

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All four had relatives on the other side of the blockade, they said. Qahtani said that his uncle, a Saudi citizen, had died recently in Saudi Arabia and that none of his brothers, who are Qataris, were able to attend the funeral.“He was buried there without his family present,” Mr. His friends complained that they could no longer easily travel to Mecca in Saudi Arabia for religious visits or to Dubai for fun.

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