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As perhaps an example of trying something outside of your comfort zone, if you've never tried speed dating this can be a nervous but exciting experience with the benefit of meeting people you may not normally come across in your current social circles.Getting over this the lack of control that you might have felt if you've been rejected may also be a case of accepting that life is difficult and we all want different things and unfortunately there are going to be people who do and do not get what they would like.

This is never going to be easy and the fact you’re reading this article may indicate that you want to be sensitive to their feelings and emotions.You may find questioning under pressure will actually help you to what you really want, or don’t want which can sometimes have unexpected results especially as it can be common that we're not entirely sure what we actually really want!Rejection can be a really difficult situation to deal with, whether you have been rejected or you are “doing the rejecting”.This is to help you to try to gain clarity and justification over your reasoning especially as having clear answers to “why?” may pre-empt the questions of the person you may reject.

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