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"I've always been obsessed with crime," she said, adding, "Not committing them but solving them." And yet, the actress told she has no regrets about choosing a life of "fighting fake crime," as she phrases it."Because I love my job and I am really grateful, but I am still kind of like, 'What? ' It's so weird." We're guessing the pay to fight "fake crime" is far better by comparison, too.

According to in the top spot, far ahead of her peers. As if that wasn't impressive enough, she also revealed that she's a photographer and a writer to boot. "I was in Madonna, George Michael, Salt-n-Pepa — it goes on and on," she told . It's just hilarious." You can catch Perrette delivering a baleful glare and anguished neck rub in the above video for Madonna's "Secret." Sure, it's only a 2-second performance, but she absolutely nails whatever it is she's supposed to be emoting.And I studied sociology, psychology and criminal science in school, so this was just a complete accident." She credits (at least, in part) her Southern upbringing for her interest in civil and human rights.Growing up in an area on the front lines of the civil rights movement, Perrette said she was deeply impacted by the words and work of Dr. would be her last, fans understandably freaked out.Perhaps unsurprisingly, Perrette then chose "sociology and psychology and criminal science" for her post-secondary studies, even going as far as working on a master's degree in criminology… Alas, she never got the chance to impart her knowledge in the real world police setting.that her education "helped [her] with all the big words." It also mean that she didn't have to "fake" her "interest" in the topic.

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