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i miss park si hoo i hope he will be in a drama soon his charm is special actually chongdamdong alice was great cuz of him also confession of murderer was awesome our park si hoo i love you a lot fightiiinnnngggg Hello! I cannot judge you those who speak ill of PSH but I do want to know who made you Judge and Jury? I'd like to call my most favorite of your roles, but it's hard, you're really great at each of them. I'm thirteen and I've loved you since "The Princess' Man." I believe that the recent scandal is nothing, just a rumor twisted with a bunch of lies. You have many great fans like myself in many different countries, young and old, awaiting your return. I'm one of your new fans from Indonesia ^_^…There are so many handsome and cute actors,but you are the charmest one for me^_^ I really really like you...infact I want to go in korea just to see you..embrace you and kiss you, I know all the accusation to you are all lie's..what I write in my fb account if the rapist is you, I am willing to be a rape victim hehehehe..please cheer up, and for the girl accused you, god is watching and stop ruining the life of my park si hoo... Ti amo amore mio park si hoo ( your big fan from milan italy) To all Korean Broadcasting Stations: Please bring Park Si Hoo back. Even though I came to know first korean actors like Kang Ji-Wan and Jhung Jun-Ho, I can say that Park Si-Hoo is really outstanding in romantic-comedy and melodrama like in Prosecutor Princess, Cheongdamdong Alice and Queen of Reversals. Park Si Hoo, hopefully you can listen to this song but if you can't ,at least this lyric's song is for you. When you wake up each morning, and you feel like calling. When the road seems uncertain and you can't stop the hurtin'. When there's no one beside you I'll be there guide you catch you each time you fall. When the world is unkind and your dreams, they need more time. If the rules they keep breaking and the future is fading. The rainbow will end in the palm of your hand don't ever let it go. I wonder why he can't get more jobs as main cast with beautiful young couple like in The Princess Man?! PSH is Handsome, Hot, Ability to all roll,popular and his smile is very beautiful. Currently, your drama "Princess Prosecutor" is launched and playing under J2 of TVB. Si Hoo & So Yeon is the most favorite Korean couple. Please show your sympathy and let's welcome him back to the industry with open arms!!! 12There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the One who is able to save and to destroy; but who are you who judge your neighbor? I will never believe that someone's vile lie can prevent you please all of us yours new roles. hopefully you can be one of a big actor who have both of good talent and good personality. I believe he was set up and I pray for him everyday that he is set free and that his health and mental well being is restored and he marches onward to bigger and better things.. I am looking forward to seeing you acting soon again I hope!!! I will pray that you will come out of this tough time a better man. The worst of all, he has old and ugly couples in two dramas: Queen of Reversals and Prosecutor Princess. We must said: This drama is a best forever in World. Actually I’ve watch so many times This movie makes me feel that I’m in a world of real where a princess (Ryung) love Too much Seung-yoo her teacher in right love.(Romeo & Juliet) They were the best such a great couple. Im from Singapore and just so you know, or if you ever see this, you have fans ALL AROUND THE WORLD!! Hi Park Si-hoo, really appreciate your performance. And hope you have chance to meet your fans in Hong Kong. Really like Park Si Hoo, especially when paired with Kim So Yeon in Prosecutor Princess, very cute. I felt so bad for him in Prosecutor Princess cause the girl liked someone else, not that the other guy is bad, but it was really sad to watch. He's a great heavy drama, comedy as well as action drama...a very versatile actor...!!! I am really looking forward to this series and hope it's gonna be spellbound. Actors and actresses are just fabulous and their performances just the best! When is release date as the suspense is "killing me," - meanwhile... My first ever Korean drama that I've watched (thanks to my sister) and I really enjoyed it. Big bonus of course ...handsomeness ;) We admire you big time! This might just be the right cords to strike in winning JA’s love, trust and respect for him back? He is a great actor (My Golden Life is so beautiful with bir lead role). PSH is such a talented actor and I meant it since I've watched almost every single kdrama available. Yes Fiona u can hv park si hoo all to ur self cuz I totally hate him. I am so tired of reading and hearing about some of my favorite Korean celebrities falling into depression and/or killing themselves! Park Si-Hoo is an actor I could watch over an over again. However that does not affect my perception that he is a good actor. it's hard for me to get your latest update because weibo is not available in indonesia. BTW iam girl most people think my name is a boy's name I hv watched more than 100 korean dramas but never loved any actor/actress.. I have kept my emotions to myself but it is time to talk about the scandal that was put in motion to remove PSH from the Korean spotlight. The main reason of actor /actress existence is because of their good acting skills which entertaining us and NOT because of their personal life. I don't care if he's old lol I'll get with him anyway in my dreams lol. I think, he's the Best romantic leading man in Korea of this time. Dear Park Si Hoo, I read your recent letter to us, your fans. No wonder men like him look down at girls that throw themselves at him. I really love it , and both the main actor and actress . Your comments about Park Si Hoo show that you know absolutely nothing about acting and I really doubt you watched The Princess' Man. Since then I got addicted and watch all your dramas. Park, I never seen you before the princess man, and never before did i wish i were a princess who lived to be your love. Also many thanks to SBS2 that gave us the chance to live such great moments. I am from Romania (Europe) and I can say that the korean dramas became a really fenomen here, so faraway. I have never seen Park Shi Hoo acted before until I watched The Princess' Man . He has a charm and charisma about him that makes us fall in love with him. PSH is forever Popular every day more all love him. I like Lee soon Jae, Jeong Dong Hwan, Lee Min Woo, Lee Ju seak. Don't mind your haters...they're just envious coz you have milllions of fans who love you beyond anything...anyone...inspite of/despite of...! PSH you are one great actor who gives any role your portray your best! I liked your characters personality, and wardrobe :-) So glad that Choi and Jinae get a second chance, hope there will be 2nd Season. As a true romantic at heart I remain hopeful☺ Episode 48: Thank God you got your groove and wit back! To Park Shi Hoo if you ever read this, pls move on and forget the past, don't let yourself down just because new projects got canceled. Your good looking and talents are what we miss dearly. Also I hv no intention to mean the opposite of what I comment. I'm glad and relieved to hear about him working again. Why must Park Si Hoo continue suffering the humiliation of a past rumor and lose ALL his credibility as an actor because of a woman who got sloppy drunk with him and then accused him of rape? My group Kdrama Kpop Junkies on facebook adore him and are always here looking things up and waiting for updates on him.... I hope you plan on adding his new stuff it may be Chinese but he deserves the credit, sorry for those who don't believe in him but I actually want him back doing Korean dramas but what ever he does I will see.. In this drama he seems not only portray maturity and intensity when he needs to be, but he is also able to convey his character's love for his "Juliet" with such believable honesty. Now I feel that, I'm fortunate enough to see, the couple who fall in love honestly. Besides every person has its own storm, the weight depends on person's capability to weather it. until I watched princess man, PSH has became my favorite.. I am from NY and it was him who got me interest ed in Korean Drama's. I am touched by him who is a good man with a forgiving heart. Park Si Hoo is a great ambassador of Korea, he is the treasure in Korea. As long as they are doing good their job that should be enough to keep & cheer them up in show business. Park shi hoo's best dramas are NOT ONLY Prosecutor princess, The princess man and Cheongdamdong alice. He relayed the character's thoughts and complicated emotions so well... Park Si-Hoo, I hope you come back to acting soon, we miss your charisma and talent. how could a man has all that cuteness and charming. i do believe you and hope that you will return to us soon and please don't give up because we really do miss you :( fighting oppa I haven't been watching korean drama in ages until I started googling up Park Si hoo name and found out he's been in trouble and stress lately..sad... If there is one thing you must never forget, it is.. There are so many of us that love you, we could join hands and circle this world to hold you up during this time if you need it. I enjoy Korean movies and dramas -but I do not know them as people and therefore do not give them 'god and goddess' status. I really hope there's season two , it's a really great show . He played his part perfectly and received awards for his acting. You are truly amazing and your acting skill improving dramatically. Admire your handsome face, so Korean and so stylish; enjoy your sweet smile, base voice and cute sexiness. This drama was really good with pure, strong and deep love that can make people to think about it and to reflect to their lives. I was also very impressed when I saw MCW in Painter of the wind and now in TPM. For a guy with fine facial features, he has an amazing manly voice and a good singing voice when he sang one of the OST in the drama. I want to watch all his old dramas and waiting eagerly for his future shows. I remember seeing This drama just to see The Park Si Hoo. We Love Park Si Hoo so so so much and miss for him. Thank you Author,s story Made you look: But have too time sad scenes love and too negative chance and really PSH &MCW have no time for love.( is very unfortunate). I really great love and right love is in series Korean Ep 14 The Princess, Man. KBS 2 In my Favorite PC is forever *The Princess, Man* OH, Yes! PSH acted is very wonderful and with MCW too lovely very very nice.

Waiting for his next drama and will catch up on some of the others I have not seen. Love all his works and look forward to more & more. Extremely upset with those who claim he doesn't show remorse to what's happened on the legal matter. In, Cheongdomdong Alice He is funny and scary and gosh I don't know what else because I am only on episode 3.. Please, feel the love around you and use it as a shield to protect you! Be proud to have reached and moved so many hearts... I have cried at the depth of love you have shown on screen. Take this crisis to be an opportunity for new beginnings. If only i can go to Korea, i will definitely attend his fan meeting and watch his drama with him. oh my god,really this drama is very too much Hot,exciting,amazing and beautiful. they are so cute together, and we think they have chemisty! ), We want to know what happen next after that last scene...!!! Park Si-Hoo we hope to see you in a next drama love story with beautiful girl. Asia Pepole Mr Park shi hoo, We watching all drama of you.PSH, I just finished watching "My Golden Life." Like always your performance was excellent, admirable, emotive and very natural. That's how you deal with back stabbers, keep the ace for last. Can wait to see you again in new projects, hope it will happen soon. Btw u may lyk people for their good looks bt I lyk people for their good qualities. It shows courage and bravery to face suc a cruel world. Had she not gone into his apartment, she never would had anything to accuse him of! I have seen everything of his so far and I will continue to watch him... In this complex word, it's very difficult to seek true love and romantic couple like in the princess's man. Afterall what happened on his career, I will absolutely one of PSH fans. There are still many people who still believe and support you no matter what. He is a good actor and i'm sure he is a good person too. Then i am looking for all PSH's dramas and movie and watched all of them. I also love him in Family Honor, Cheongdamdong alice, Prosecutor princess, Queen OR, perfect neighbor. his mere presence on the screen shook me to where I stopped watching American TV. Park Si Hoo loves his country even after the ordeal, his human right being trampled, unjust humiliation, cruel and negative articles. I'm so sad, because he is hurt by the evil people, even now, and he cannot come back in Kdramas and Kmovies now. but Family's honor (glory of the family) and how to meet a perfect neighbour are also great. because this association doesnt let PSH back...fighting...shi hoo I hope korean people and korean entertaint companys don't block Park Shi Hoo's future. Sorry for my poor English but i need to support Park Shi Hoo Fighting, Don't give up. As you continue to heal, please remember that we are here, we aren't going away and we wait with open arms and loving hearts to see your beautiful smile and brilliant talent being shared with us once again. One thing I do not like about Korea, which is the obsession with cosmetic surgery -or beauty; which looks plastic. He is not only an excellent actor but humble and a great person. you're really a great actor, so cool and also HOT.... I've watched the work from other Korean actors, no one act as good as you. There hasn't been such a presence on tv for long time, since Clark gable in gone with the wind, or Gregory peck in Rome holiday..really are one of a kind. I have never seen PSH before this movie but starting with this I become a big fan of him. PSH is definitely a star sho deserves much more recognition than he is getting now. you very handsome, nice, perfect actor and interesting.. The actors very very nice, Perfect,amazing acted but too less have time for romantic love. anyway We really love this drama, The best ,diffrent , Super sad beautiful love story. THIS DRAMA IS VERY NICE.( Revenge & Relief ) Of Episode 8 to 15 we have to Cry.......beautiful love story. Thanks too much PSH and MCW for a best acted in This series. You were so charming with your boyish smiles and that pauses between your words is just breathtaking!!! Show them there is a new Sheriff with a new vision in town and he is calling the shots! So unlike u, I totally hate people like park si hoo with such poor characters. I also love beautiful Park Si Hoo Sii so much that sometimes I almost hate him. Ruwi, I hate lots of actors but I've never once wasted my time going to their sites. I'm MAD AS HELL because I can no longer watch another one of my favorite Korean actors! The first time I watched PSH kdrama (Princess' Man) I was caught with his smile. People around the globe are begging to see him one more time. But i can not find Let Marry with PSH as second lead. I am constantly looking for his presence on the TV and its like he was erased from Korean memories. I have watched family honor for more than 10 times. Don't ruin his live because of an unprovable scandal. He is a great actor with all his dramas and movies being hit. I prefer watching the people on the street of Seoul and particularly in S Korea's country side -there you see the true diversity of Korea, which is the true beauty of Korea -not the superficial worship that is found on places like this. I became a fan of his the first time I watched him act but when I saw how he treats his fans with the utmost kindness and respect, I was an even bigger fan. Have to say your pairing with moon only added to your appeal. After that I was eager to see more and more other movies with him. He and Moon Chae Won have such great chemistry on screen, it is understandable why fans wish they were dating. After watching The Princess' Man, i was extremely amazed by Park si hoo acting skills. KBS2 so much Thanks of all and director TPM Today night it’s the last episode today! I'm from Indonesia your drama the prosecutor Princess, is a very exciting,amazing and beautiful for viewers. really i like your smile and you have baby face...luck and God bless you..... i hope someday i can go to korea just to see you or maybe you can visit here again in japan..oozing with sex appeal and for that i cant take my eyes off know what ur like a drug to me because now im addicted to you: Di love you!! wishing you more blessings because i know you do have a good heart... ( Really is very unfortunate ) We thanks of all and too much PSH & MCW We love PSH and MCW so much. We want to see they both live together until the end. He is my favorite man and will be my favorite Korean actor all of time. Definitely need more of Park Shi-Hoo to give dramas real mature acting. In, "The Pricess Man I loved his bravery and good character. Not because you are an amazing actor..because you are this or that...because you are a person who has shown pieces of his soul and heart to us. @sally...because someone doesn't remember what they did the night before, while they were drunk (or "saying" they don't remember) doesn't always mean they "passed out". A person is supposed to be innocent until PROVEN guilty. And I just have two words left to say "aspiring" "actress." You are the most heartfelt actor I have ever watched. how come, korean media isn't doing well, the both side must reveal there names (not only the name of PSH), agrrrrhh.. In life, there are always challenges and adversity. But then, on Prosecutor Princess and The Princess' Man, he can cry a lot. I like it that he always spend time with his fans and watch the last episode of his dramas together with them. Thanks of all ( Tema) Hello,dear Park Shi Hoo, We( I & all Family & my friends) love too much Park Shi hoo and Moon Chae Won together in this drama TPM !!! We love you only Park Si Hoo,because his very very attractive man,handsome,very ability to all rol, and the best star actor in Korean. You should be in a romantic comedy with Gong Hyo Jin! He will be the lead actor in upcoming OCN drama titled "Neighborhood's Hero" (more at Congratulations Park Si Hoo and welcome back where you belong as great actor and Hallyu Star. How does a young man convince a viewer that he is hopelessly in love with an older woman who is a divorcee, not a beauty (actually homely looking) with a five year old child --- he does and with such good acting that you forget the underlying flawed premise. Didn't realize he was the actor in Princess Man - one of my favorites as well. Your international fans love you, have respect for you always and forever! We are still very enthusiast to wait you newest Drama in 2013. Fighting Si Hoo GBU I saw Him In, "The Princess Man", and now watching, Cheongdomdong Alice, I so am loving his acting... Please, feel loved..way, I hope that you would feel blessed too, despite all odds. , either the accusation is true or not, I still Love park shi hoo, lets just PRAY and support him, sighhh.. Looking forward to seeing you receive many awards for "Cheondamdong Alice" with a standing ovation. There are no words to describe what youre going trough now. Seeing you on my wall screen makes me scream, sayin' i love you oppa, saranghaeyo and gumawoyo for being there. On his drama The Perfect Neighbor, i noticed that he is quite stiff and he has a difficulty in shedding tears. He might have a smaller fanbase compared to actors like Lee Min Ho, Lee Jun Ki, etc, yet his fans are solid and very loyal to him. Really this drama is super Nr.1 I hope that they visit USA.

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Your wishes came true, literally, because Park Si Hoo's comeback in k-ent is now sure thing. You are a great artist and your roles are memorable and you are a good and special person. We are very sure that the strom will pass together with the time. We are poor people like you but our love is stronger than anithing else, because love itself is the most powerful thing in this crazy world. With all the love in the world fans from Israel omo! Si Hoo, Right now, stay close to those you trust and love you. Eat well and know that God is carrying you gently in His hands through this ordeal. You are loved so very, very much by so many people. I will take exam for Korea so i can work there and i want to see you even from a distance. His skills is better than Park Ming Ho and a host of others.... Keep up the good work and i look forward to more dramas. I'm impressed to see the development on his acting.

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