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Aviation and Independence After graduating, Kaman got a job developing the Sikorsky helicopter.Ironically, his assignment involved transmission of vibration from the wood rotor blades to the body.In one of those rare coincidences, Dorsey’s guitar player had just quit, and the next day Kaman was offered the job.

For instance, Martin has never been able to transfer its reputation for high-quality acoustics to electric guitars.Ideas in hand, in 1945 Kaman launched out on his own and started the Kaman Corporation.For two decades he built a successful business in military helicopters. Diversification Kaman was experienced in making items of wood, metal, and high-tech material requiring high tolerances.Except for using Carter’s book to confirm some dates and a few details, most of the information presented here was gathered independently prior to publication of that book.The Road Not Taken In a way, the Ovation story (to use Robert Frost’s famous metaphor) is one of roads not taken.

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  1. It’s the best scene in the film; it’s the only thing that , Thompson reveals that part of the motivation she found for her character in that scene comes from real life, and in particular the betrayal she felt in the dissolution of her marriage to actor/director Kenneth Branagh.