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Some men (not always young ones) on dating sites expect to be instantly invited sight unseen to a potential mate’s home.Interestingly, in contrast there does not seem to be that expectation on hook-up sites (in my experience).These are interesting questions and I’m not sure there’s an easy answer.There is definitely a fair percentage of people on dating sites who are after just sex, as well as those who are after so-called relationships.(Then there are those who are just there for the ego thrills and never intend to meet).Clearly on hook-up sites the expectation is usually about NSA sex.

So does it also mean that people’s expectations about sexual contact are skewed?If you look just at the issue of 24/7 availability and the way our smartphones are like an extra appendage, we can see how technology has changed our expectations.Research shows that 94% of online daters say they expect a response from their message within 24 hours.Does this online dating era mean that people are more promiscuous?Almost half of all American singles have had a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

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Learn to navigate these few, unfortunate time bombs of online dating and your chances of meeting Mr. Right, online, are just as good as any other way of meeting a person you may become romantically involved with.

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