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’ across the work barbecue, rest assured, your beloved Snuggle Wumps will turn scarlet faster than you can say ‘mass office email ’.

Quite why human beings opt to use strange collections of sounds and half-words to summon one another remains a mystery, but nonetheless, it’s a fact that in every far-flung corner of the world, you will happen upon doe-eyed couples calling each other things like ‘Bae’, ‘Piglet’ and, if you’re really lucky, ‘Squidge Muffin’, or something equally monstrous.

Kill two birds with one stone by complimenting your better half every time you need to get their attention!Not in use so much for the younger generations, but still a solid nickname with a lot of mileage left.Unless you’re a 90’s R&B artist, ‘boo’ is a risky move: high on the cuteness scale, certainly, but simultaneously in danger of entering ‘get a room’ territory.In return, creators earn money when they are tipped and when their stories are read. After some small talk, he gives you HIS number and says (in the most seductive voice you’ve ever heard) “Call me…”Then he silently slips back into the night. After he takes you home and you have a soft, subtle kiss goodnight (no tongue on the first date) you slide inside your house, plop down on the couch and think … Call or text him immediately to tell him what a wonderful time you had? Start a romantic bubble bath, grab a glass of wine and call him from the tub?

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Make sure you answer questions with more than just one word answers to he has more information to go on for other topics.

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