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It's possible to use extra parameters in your sql statements. Parameters can have different types, but their names have to be the same as their name in the select method in the facade class.

Possible parameter sources are control, query, session or form values. If you want to bind it right away, you can force it with calling the Data Bind method.

That probably needs to be linked into the Object Data Source along my Get Products, as well as the Add Products, and Delete Product methods. Problem is, I don't have the time at the moment yet. And back to my original question, how to I get the new value? I have a gridview, go into edit mode, enter a value in a textbox, then click update.

Or you can use the , ...) each have their own set of properties to add style too, or you can make use of a CSS-class or a theme/skin and link it to the correct part.

If you want to select, edit or delete rows of a Grid View, you'll have to use keys to keep track of which row has been selected.

There are a few constraints for the middle tier to be able to use an Object Data Source.

The middle tier has to be stateless, supply a default constructor (without parameters) in case of instance methods (not needed for static methods) and all logics have to be implemented in one single class.

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