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Second, ladies, if you’re worried about protecting yourselves from other camera-toting creeps: “Buy some ... ” And we’re off and running with the commanding general in radio’s war for the male demographic. “Women want the right to be exhibitionists, but if anybody looks....” “Tom Leykis broadcasts from the intersection of Libertarian and Libertine.It is an angry, lurid battle in which social critics of all stripes can find moments of fulfillment or hopelessness. on KLSX-FM (97.1), and you may conclude that society has tilted in a manner resembling “Planet of the Apes": that women have assumed the upper hand, forcing men to fight back grimly and mercilessly or perish. ”) Through a glass panel, De Milio can see Leykis, a gnomish 46-year-old man, standing in front of his mike, wearing shades despite the near darkness, pounding on his opening theme. It’s a simple neighborhood with a simple philosophy that has occurred in the gut of just about every American man and, in some cases, made its way to his brain. ”Men who in more reasonable times would have been considered normal single guys employing normal trial-and-error approaches to casual sex become, in the Leykis format, political prisoners, victims of a stacked deck in which calculating women get their way at men’s expense.Leykis -- married four times, thrice-divorced and separated from wife No.4 for the last two years -- is honest enough to describe the show as an act that evolved into a point of view.

He’ll say proudly, in the name of personal responsibility, that he has no children, and that each of the four unplanned pregnancies he caused was terminated.One change that seemed small at the time actually had a profound impact on the quality of our lives, marriage, and family. which means you’ll have a better rested, more productive day. This examination leads to learning from our mistakes and growing as humans. Every morning begins with a clean slate and brand new opportunities. This can be most detrimental to our relationships when the unrealistic expectations are applied to our marriage, family, love, romance, and sexuality. Unfortunately, many people will sacrifice this opportunity for the sake of entertainment. Allowing your television to guide your morning thoughts takes that blank canvas and begins painting. Couples who keep a TV in the bedroom have sex half as often as those who don’t. “Those of us who are really ambitious want more chicks. The last time I used the word “chick” was 1973: A female colleague and I wrote essays for our small newspaper on our competing favorites in the nationally televised Billie Jean King-Bobby Riggs battle of the sexes.It was a tennis match -- a stunt -- that carried a level of gender tension impossible to imagine today. Perhaps, one of them got me thinking, I’m enticed by the sly way Leykis performs the kind of sexual harassment that government and workplace rules no longer allow.

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Spend a few days listening to Tom Leykis, heard in L. Or you may conclude that, in the interest of ratings, we are all getting our chains jerked by a host who laughs at us behind our backs. The show is based on the premise that too many guys have been raised to be wimps in this feminist culture, that women are taking advantage of these men and that women are secretly wishing guys would reassert themselves. Yet no matter how insistent or cranky he gets, the phone lines remained jammed with confessions of weakness and poor judgment:“You are my religion, Professor,” comes the call another day, “but I have to tell you I’m one of those guys who knocked a girl up....”“What kind of birth control were you using? “She said she was on the pill....”“And you believed her. Leykis tries to break this momentum by offering more clinical tips: No coffee dates or lunch dates -- they lead nowhere.

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