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I think you won't find any other cougar dating site with a comparable number of users.Conclusion: You will almost certainly have a good time on Cougar Life.Look, I know a lot of you are there just for the hook-ups, that's fine!But, there are women who are on there for a bit more (like a FWB scenario).Often they may have a good male-female-ratio (for example). If you are willing to get a Security ID and Certificate which is for free Co'z Its for security purposes only co'z I met someone before and I got only robbed and he attacked me . I've read many of these reviews by you young guys claiming most of the "women" on here are scamers or you aren't having any luck getting messaged back, etc. ing this up because they don't filter out age grouping even though they ask you(? If you are clearly out of the range she would prefer DO NOT MESSAGE HER AND EXPECT A REPLY! I would say try this along with another good option e.g then decide after a couple of months which to keep going.

The site clearly has real women and ive not changed the way I act (if anything Ive been sending more messages since the hookup) so im a bit discouraged. but once you pay, they take the money and suspend you. I know many guys will disagree with me on that but Cogarlife is an awesome way to meet older ladies.Just use your good judgement and think with your brain - not with your $#*! I'm not too sure if its good or bad because the only other site ive used is, but I feel like one good experience in three months isn't really good enough.The hookup happened in my fourth week on the site, so its been AGES now since ive had any action from this site and im now not sure if I should renew. Most of the accounts who send you messages are fake.First one was Cougars69 which was even more crazy and I am still a member but by now I almost had all of the cougars listed in their member base/at least in my city, LOL, so I wanted to try something new..BAM! So much phishing that I wonder if maybe the site itself is complicit. MILFs are not easy to find especially the ones that arent offended by you hitting on them (most ive tried it on with are married) so using a website is def the best way to find an older woman that is actualy up for a bit of slap and tickle.Lots of nudges from "ladies" too beautiful to be true who want to start conversations about an NSA (no strings attached) relationship off the site. Someday there might be a Better Business Bureau for websites, but until then this is how we fight back against identity theft. I have used it in the past and actualy met up with someone so it works! I swear if it wasnt for these kinda sites I wouldnt get laid at all...depressing but true!

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