My stock portfolio with updating

Supported exchanges include NYSE; NASDAQ; and London, Paris, Toronto, and other foreign exchanges.

Customizable charting features include: If you prefer web apps, you can use Yahoo!

I have been an investor in the equity market for many years but stopped the same just about an year before my retirement due to change in risk profile.

Some apps allow a free trial period, where you paper trade a stock before putting real money behind it or track Bitcoin values.

Any loss or gain that may be resulted from investing in the stocks mentioned here may not be attributed to me.

If you want to aggregate your stocks, bonds or other investments in one place, you might have come across my Stock Portfolio Tracker. It’s FREE and won’t cost you money and you can tweak it to your hearts content.

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Ever since I posted my article on Midcap recommendations, I have been getting emails from a few readers asking for stock recommendations, mutual fund ideas, SIP investments etc.

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I also do trading in equities once in a while but that’s more for fun.

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