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In closing, I’d like to mention dating apps are becoming the only way men even feel safe or comfortable approaching women, in this day and age.It used to be just fear of rejection we had to worry about — approaching a woman didn’t automatically make you sexually aggressive.Five of your best pictures, your social media profiles and a paragraph about yourself, at most.Both Tinder and Plenty of Fish are now owned by Match Group, a subsidiary of IAC.

He never started the site with the intent of finding love. There was a time, dating sites and apps themselves would have been described in the same fashion.

Could they be lying and just trying to avoid being caught actively cheating on their spouse? I just think it’s more likely these accounts were fraudulently created with the hopes of padding the stats and attracting more male users to the app. An app I literally never heard of before two weeks ago.

I’m over 30 now, dating apps just have a funny feel to them.

Though when I heard women have to make the first move — I downloaded it and began swiping — if only out of curiosity.

I’ve used it for maybe ten minutes total since downloading it.

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