Liberal women dating conservative man

The last thing that you want is to go out to dinner or a movie and have the person that you are with cause embarrassment.

Years ago I had that happen when the guy on our date snapped his fingers at the waitress, called a maître d’ of color “boy” and got angry at me as I wanted to pay for part of our meal and leave a good tip.

I admit it, when I think of single conservatives, a vision of the old Mad TV “Lowered Expectations” comes into play.

While that might not be fair, it is often the reality of the type of people that choose to be conservative.

While dating has always been an “iffy” condition, in today’s world of “hooking up”, interest in an individual’s political affiliation has become a priority.

Conservative men and women often share a few traits and in the dating world liberals can easily peg them with hyper-nationalistic displays of the American flag as well as the obnoxious red hats.But not all are that easy to distinguish, especially if they create bios that they know will attract a larger group.Today’s political differences go beyond just a few topics.If you take the time to really get to know some of these women (and I have), you ultimately find out that they have low self-esteem.It takes some digging, but it validates why they seem to feel that men should be put on a pedestal and women should remain in the kitchen (and bedroom).

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