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Here’s some dating advice for straight expats looking to score in the land of the morning calm, or get a first hand Korean culture experience in a less formal setting.This is what it’s like dating in Korea as a foreigner.V is an expat currently living in South Korea and she’s been here for the past two years.This is her first time living abroad and to make the most of it she spends a lot of her free time learning about Korean culture through dating.Disclaimer: I’m not the person to get advice from if you’re looking to get married, let’s say by tomorrow 😉 I don’t speak Korean, so I’ll focus on English speaking apps and the apps I’ve used, but there are a million you can choose from! To put Tinder simply, just swipe right to chat or left if you aren’t interested and they can’t contact you.This is a list of my favorite dating apps in Korea, and the ones I’ve had the most success with. This app has the highest volume of English language speakers in Korea, and you can find an array of nationalities.And I just found that there wasn’t anyone in my area that appealed to me, so I deleted this app after a few weeks.

In my personal experience, I’ve found that the quality of these matches are meh.

I’ve really only ever seen Koreans on this app, and the English level seems low.

This app also overwhelmed me with a high volume of notifications every time I opened it.

The few times I’ve played around on them, I’ve seen mostly travelers on it and I have to set the location preferences pretty far to find anyone decent on my feed.

So again, both of these apps are great concepts, just not utilized in Korea quite yet.

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  1. I recently had this problem and was able to break out of this by putting the device in airplane mode, at which point it stopped the "verifying" spinner and warned me that it couldn't check my settings, but did let me proceed.