Kissing toads and other hazards of dating

And Tony, brilliant, genius, confident, flirty Tony , boyfriend’s bright red cheeks.Or for getting distracted by those slightly chapped lips.Bucky doesn’t think the setting on a dark, abandoned side-alley was a coincidence.Nor was the way the stranger kept twirling different sized knifes between her fingers while she informed them in a very calm, very matter-of-fact voice that she was going to slowly cut them open if either of them so much as thought to hurt a hair on Tony’s head.In true Tony style he then promptly proceeded to turn his face towards Bucky’s chest so he wouldn’t have to look either of them in the eyes.“Do you- Would you maybe- I mean- want to go out with me?” Tony’d asked, fingers nervously playing with the hem of Bucky’s shirt.Dating a billionaire convinced they can't possibly genuinely like him isn't always easy, but Tony is well worth the effort.

After five long months of proving that movies, Tony’s legs draped over Steve’s lap and his head on Bucky’s chest, when, in the middle of the prison breakout, Tony reached out to patt Steve’s upper tight and gently pull on Bucky’s hair to get their attention.Frankly Bucky still had no idea who the woman was, how she knew Tony or why she even cared (though that last one was a stupid question, you couldn’t know Tony, really know him, and not fall just a little bit in love with him, it just wasn’t feasible) but he didn’t doubt that she would follow up on her threat.It had been a weird, terrifying, yet oddly comforting experience.Despite the fact that most people focus on the awesome sex part, which is awesome enough to deserve that focus in case anyone has any doubts about that, a three way relationship requires a lot of work.Coupled with Tony’s serious commitment issues, well.

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