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Jeselnik's main draw was the monologue, where he felt he could tell jokes that he was unable to do on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.For the pilot, Jeselnik did a test interview with a celebrity but felt "so wrong […] it just fit me like a bad suit." For the show's first episode, Jeselnik performs cancer-related standup for a cancer support group.

During his senior year at Tulane, his girlfriend accidentally burned down his apartment, which he would later use as early standup material.

After writing a bizarre joke with a dark twist to it, the audience response encouraged Jeselnik to focus more in that area.

The joke, titled "My Girlfriend Loves to Eat Chocolate," was later featured on Shakespeare.

"I had to fight with Comedy Central to put that on the first episode," said Jeselnik.

The network felt uneasy using the sketch as an introduction.

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And the next day, my life was completely different." In 2013, Jeselnik hosted his own Comedy Central series, The Jeselnik Offensive.

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