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The book was co-authored by her husband, Dan Mulhern.

In "A Governor's Story, The Fight for Jobs and America's Economic Future," Granholm recounts the many challenges the state faced during her term as Governor from 2003 to 2011.

The buzz began yesterday afternoon and continues this morning, so what the heck - let's post it.

It started when the Detroit Free Press posted a part of former Michigan Gov.

We moved to La together and had many laughs, good times, drama and tears.".

Attendees at her funeral included friends, Suzi Quatro, actor Tom Conti, spouses Pauline Collins and John Alderton, Esther Rantzen, Mike Batt, broadcaster Henry Kelly, BBC Radio presenter Ed Stewart, etc. In 2013, Cherry Red Records released two double CDs containing most of Lynsey's major recording output from the 70's.

She has puffy hair - lots of it - wears tight jeans and suspenders, and asks questions of the three bachelors like "What was the most famous girl you ever dated famous for?

“I’m a Democrat of the liberal persuasion and I have always admired Jennifer Granholm,” he said.

“And she was 19 years old, so I think she could be excused for being on a stupid show.” Less than nine months after leaving office, Michigan former Governor Jennifer Granholm has published an account of her administration.

Liz Boyd, who was Granholm's press secretary when she was governor, said she learned of the video on Thursday and sent it to Granholm, who now hosts her own show - "The War Room" on Current TV."It was the first time she'd seen it since she'd been on the program," said Boyd, noting that no one in Granholm's circle had ever seen it before. My hair could've been a nest for an entire family of birds!

Boyd and Granholm could not stop laughing after watching the video, Boyd said."It's living proof that she lived in the bad-hair decade," she said. "The Detroit Free Press reported late Thursday that the video was posted by Marty Nislick of Bayside, N.

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She chose "Love Came to Me" by Dion Di Mucci(1962) and said "It was a really good pop record of its time.

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