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So far I've got, Super Health Club, Coming Out on Top, Maison de M, See No Evil, Bastard Bonds, No, Thank You!!! Furry: Morenatsu, Extracurricular Activities, Black Gate, Echo, Lagoon Lounge 1-3. Like, more on the dating sim side than on the interactive story side.

I really wanna know if there are more games like this.

Eldet is already mentioned.nobody mentioned Dramatical Murder? Tho heavily censored and I don't know if there is an English version anywhere.

It's like those flash games where you touch to get a guy hard. Really nice story and writing though, the game has one of the best of the ones I wrote.Edit: There might be more Yaoi/BL games, as I seek out more Bara games. It's got some pretty good dates and story, just had a bad reputation from people who don't like small things about it and don't want it to be successful.there's Who We Are Now.it's not completed yet but there's a demo somewhere.i don't know if there is a translation for it.If you're okay with Japanese games, I played STEAL!

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You play as Chizuru, who disguises herself as a man to travel to the capital of Kyoto in search of her missing father.

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