Is matthew perry dating alexandra hedison

The couple were among the thousands of residents who had to evacuate their house in Montecito when the 2017 Thomas fire blazed through the area on its way to becoming the largest wild fire in California history.

The fires were followed by killer mudslides that left 20 people dead in the Montecito area.

A.'s Shrine Auditorium, after which de Rossi's life would never be the same.

Well, neither of their lives would ever be the same, because they've been together ever since, but de Rossi emerged like a butterfly from her chrysalis, slowly but surely and star hadn't been avoiding relationships with women, not since her 1999 divorce from Mel Metcalfe, anyway.

So when they reunited at the Big in '04 Awards, that was that., reporting in 2004 that Gregorini was devastated by the sudden breakup, said that de Rossi had moved right in with De Generes two weeks after the award show.) They also bought a 120-acre ranch, de Rossi being an avid horseback rider. She had been in a relationship with photographer Alexandra Hedison for four years before she and de Rossi got together."We were just supposed to be together," the 31-time Daytime Emmy winner said. I was physically getting sick because I was trying not to say anything. It was really hard to uproot everything."Gregorini admitted to in 2014 that her breakup with de Rossi was "pretty harrowing.

I've never really talked about it, and, I want to be respectful to all the players, and, to be honest, I've definitely made my peace—Portia and I are friends, I'm friends with Ellen.""Everything turned out as it was meant to," Gregorini added, "but it definitely, at the time, it was a very harrowing experience, because heartbreak is harrowing.

De Rossi let photographs taken of her with Gregorini over the course of their two-year relationship, during which they lived for a time together in Vancouver, do the talking for her.

But she herself would change the subject when interviewers asked if she was gay.

It's also real exciting."After dating Anne Hechefor a few headline-making years, De Generes first met de Rossi in 2000.

Any breakup is just awful, but then to be dragged through the press, while it's happening, in real time, it's definitely not a picnic. I definitely went down for the count, for a couple months there, but, it definitely gave me a resolve to pick myself up, and make something of myself, and my life..."We were meant to be together for that point in time, and, and then not, and I think she's found a great partner for her.

I think they're really well matched."Back in the earliest days of their relationship, De Generes, who's 15 years older than de Rossi, took a "never say never" approach to the two of them having kids.

(The Australian actress says she married him for the green card, but in the end she couldn't bring herself to take advantage of their "great, caring relationship.") In fact, she was in a relationship with writer and filmmaker Francesca Gregorini when she met De Generes.

But as she would soon admit, as she tottered into the real-deal spotlight as the partner of one of the most famous openly gay women in the world, she hadn't really been living her life all the way .

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Earlier this year they bought a Bali-inspired home in Montecito for $27 million; and listed a beach house they owned in Carpinteria for two years for $24 million (it sold in July for $23 million), a Beverly Hills home they owned for six months for close to $18 million, and, per reported in June that they bought Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo's renovated 10,000-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion for $42.5 million.

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