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She excitedly announced every dog she saw outside, and she face planted into a croissant in a way that really spoke to me.

If I tell people like my mother, a random nosy person who asks, or my ob/gyn that I'd rather remain childfree, I'm usually met with disbelief and then dismissed with, ' Wait until you get married.And sometimes it seems like I don't check off the boxes to be a 'real' adult unless I've had a baby.Small talk at the bank will turn into a bank teller grilling me about my life choices and my sex life, which is frankly not a good sales technique.I feel sad when other women get pushed into thinking that their decision not to have children isn't 'legitimate.' I want other women to know that it is OK to just be a woman, not a mother." —Kristen M., 26"There are so many things I want for myself that having children could inhibit: travel, luxury, freedom.Also, depression and alcoholism run strong in my family, and the world today is not so kind!

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