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After all, it is appropriate behavior, she’s on a date!!!

She will also feel relieved that the ice is already broken without any awkwardness and be grateful for that. One of the main reasons you are dating this girl is to have fun right?

It sub-communicate that it is probably very easy for you to have dates, thus, that women, in general, are attracted to you. When, your sitting in front of her taking a coffee, a lot of things can go wrong.

You can say stupid shit; you can run out of things to talk about; or worst, you can end up talking about politics.

If there is no perfect moment, don’t get anxious or stress about it, it would make thing awkward. This one is for the younger folks, it’s a beginner mistake. It is a dumb move and it underlines the fact that you’re a needy beta male who doesn’t understand how women are.She cannot over analyze every single micro expression trying to figure out your insecurities.Also, physical activity is good to dissipate stress and anxiety, for both of you.The more venue you will visit during your date, the more different experiences she will have with you, consequently the more at ease she will feel.Example: First, you drag her to a nearby outdoor store; you need to look for an accessory. Then you bring her hiking, in a nice park, at the beach, in the woods, whatever.

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