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The Waltham name has been either acquired or stolen by various companies over the years, so sometimes you’ll see a modern, cheap battery operated watch that has a big red W on it, but that has no relation to the Waltham Company. Over the years I’ve had hundreds, but over time I’ve traded up to get better examples.

When I started collecting, I had in my mind a growing list of the types of watches I wanted to buy, representative samples of various types of watches. There would be two I wanted to keep, and eight that were similar to ones I already had or were not in as good condition.

A watch with no jewels is metal grinding on metal and pretty soon will stop.

They’re real jewels like rubies, diamonds, and sapphires – the shaft of each wheel goes through this little donut shaped jewel to reduce the friction.

They’re fragile and if you spend too much time taking them apart, there is the danger that you won’t be able to get them back together.

: You get to hold the item in your hand and talk to the seller instead of just looking at a picture and hoping it’s real.

NOTE: Production date by serial number information is not guaranteed to be accurate, and is provided as a public service to our customers.

The following links use the serial number of the watch movement ( American Waltham Watch Company Production Dates Ball Watch Company Production Dates Columbus Watch Company Production Dates Elgin National Watch Company Production Dates Elgin National Watch Company Factory Pictorial “A Factory Grows on the Fox River” Hamilton Watch Company Production Dates Hamilton Watch Company Grade by Serial Number Hampden (Dueber) Watch Company Production Dates Illinois Watch Company Production Dates New York Watch Company Production Dates Rockford Watch Company Production Dates Seth Thomas Watch Company Production Dates South Bend (Studebaker) Watch Company Production Dates More useful articles and information: Antique Pocket Watch – Frequently Asked Questions Watch Crystal Chart – for Watchmakers and Hobbyists (free download!

“Grading the Condition of an Antique Pocket Watch” – We get dozens of emails every day from people asking “How much is my pocket watch worth?A great companion to the above article, “Care for Your Antique Pocket Watch”. ” – Article explaining what jewels are used for in watches, courtesy of Pocketwatcher.“How to Wear Your Pocket Watch” – Another useful article courtesy of Pocketwatcher, showing detailed photos of how to wear your antique pocket watch.These are not gem quality jewels, no one would take them out of a watch and try to sell them as jewelry, they are more industrial type jewels because the ruby, sapphire, and diamond are so hard, they make very good bearings because they don’t wear.: I bring them in for a good cleaning so they can run.

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Adjustments means the watch has been specially calibrated to keep constant time regardless of how it is held, adjusted to work in the vertical position, the horizontal position, the left, right, upside down position.

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